Each year over 300 children with their families suffer the crisis of a rare cancer diagnosis – BUT our Foundation only has the resources to assist 50 of these cases
.. We urgently need your help

Who we are

The Leila Rose Foundation is dedicated to assisting families affected by Rare Childhood Cancer.

The Leila Rose Foundation offer support and guidance to families when faced with the painful reality that little may be known about the cancer affecting their child. Faced with the possibly of no known cure, the foundation assists families to ensure that they have a complete understanding of their child’s cancer, the treatment process and available treatment options so that they feel empowered to make informed choices about their child’s health.

Assistance offered by the Leila Rose Foundation is diverse and ranges from supporting families with the practical responsibilities associated with tackling a rare disease to seeking secondary or specialist intervention in addition to researching global treatment advances for like cancers.


There are over 300 children diagnosed with rare cancer per year

We are currently only able to support 50 children and their families a year, and need to do a lot more..


We have a number of ways that you can support the families of children with rare cancers.

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Donate via Workplace giving

Workplace giving is one of the best ways you can donate to the Leila Rose Foundation, allowing you to take advantage of tax concessions and employer payment matching.

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Host a Fundraiser

Just Giving is our online partner who makes fundraising a breeze. Find out how to host your LRF fundraiser.

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Make a bequest

We value your consideration in leaving a bequest in your will to the Leila Rose Foundation.

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Host a Fundraiser

Just Giving is our online partner who makes fundraising a breeze. Just Giving also processes our online donations. At www.justgiving.com.au you can quickly and easily set up your own account, register your fundraiser and have people donate to your cause safely, easily and with minimal fuss to all parties involved. Best of all, they handle the administration side of things regarding finance including receipts etc, leaving you to concentrate on the most important part, your event!

Fundraising Efficiency

  • Direct to families
  • Fundraising Costs

Thanks to the wonderful support of our volunteers, 95% of your donations go direct to support the families affected by rare childhood cancers.

A special thank you to the Uebergang foundation and
Jones foundation who fund our Family Support Officer, allowing the Leila Rose Foundation to minimise administrative costs and support those families in need.

  • Family Support Officer Funded