Family Support Co-ordinator

The Leila Rose Foundation offers a Family Support Coordinator to eligible families by;

  • Offering families support for the duration of their child’s illness.
  • Where appropriate, accompanying the family as an objective facilitator to practitioner and/or specialist meetings.
    Asking necessary questions, clarifying and explaining information from the oncology care team
  • Ensuring that parents have a thorough understanding of their childs health, the diagnosis and their available options.
  • Sourcing additional medical or allied health support as required for the child.
  • Clarifying Leila Rose Foundation policies and helping them to understand the Foundation’s guidelines for support.
  • Sourcing and connecting to other charities that may be able to offer assistance, not provided by. or in addition to the LRF.
  • Advocacy to investigate, navigate and source any other diagnostic or treatment options that may be available within Australia or globally.