HARPERS STORY “Our lives became all about survival”

HARPERS STORY  “Our lives became all about survival” ….
“In August 2021 our whole lives were turned upside down when our sixteen-month-old daughter Harper had a minor fall. After several uncertain diagnosis’s, multiple blood transfusions, eight scans, internal bleeding for several days and transfers to three different hospitals by helicopter, the doctors discovered a 7x7x8cm tumour. After removing the tumour life was returning back to normal until we were told that our baby girl had an incredibly rare malignant cancer – Sex Cord Stromal Tumour.
After consulting international experts in this type of tumour, we were advised that Harper must undergo chemotherapy and as such we had 3 days to relocate our lives from Coffs Harbour to Newcastle (4hrs away) and say goodbye to our 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter who thanks to Covid weren’t allowed to be with us and so had to live with their grandparents.
For the four months that followed our Harpie went through 4 intensive rounds of chemo, multiple surgeries to insert and remove central lines, lost all her hair, had more scans than we could even count, painful dressing changes and more needles than any baby should need to endure.
Our lives became all about survival, living each day as it came and getting through every obstacle as it came.
We are so so grateful for Leila Rose and the huge assistance they offered with helping us pay our bills during a time that is every parent’s worst nightmare and work is just not a possibility.
This assistance meant so much to us- it meant we could afford to still have our home to go back to at the end of treatment to celebrate Christmas as a family. It meant that we did not need to worry about phone bills and electricity bills. And it meant one less stress for us during the most stressful time of our lives.
Our baby girl is now 2 and is doing just so beautifully. She is in remission and her hair has grown back into the most thick beautiful curls and she is just thriving.”
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