Application for Assistance

The Leila Rose Foundation provides specific support for families affected by rare childhood cancer. To learn more please click here to go to “The Leila Rose Foundation Application for Assistance,” document which outlines the types of assistance that we provide and provides our Guidelines.

Applicants who meet the following ‘Guidelines for Assistance’ may be eligible for assistance;
• Children 14 years and under of age at diagnosis.
• Australian Citizenship.
• Cancer incidence < 5%, as per the document “Childhood cancer incidence in Australia, 1983 -2006” by the Cancer Council Queensland.

To be eligible patients will have been diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer.  Rare childhood cancer is defined as having an incidence equal to or less than 5% of all childhood cancers in Australia.

If the applicant has been diagnosed with a more common childhood cancer with a higher rate of occurrence they will be ineligible to receive assistance from The Leila Rose Foundation. There may be other foundations who can provide assistance in these cases and we are happy to refer the applicants on where appropriate. Also please refer to our Useful Links page where you can learn more about other support for children diagnosed with cancer.

All applications for assistance are individually and carefully reviewed by our Applications Committee.

How to apply

If you have any questions regarding our application for assistance please download the application or ​contact us with the form below.

Application for Assistance

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