Thankyou to the Begin Again Foundation

Leila Rose Foundation thanks the Begin Again Foundation and especially Marc and Audrey Leishman for their support:

PGA TOUR Professional Marc Leishman and wife Audrey established the Begin Again Foundation in April 2015 following Audrey’s near-death experience with Sepsis, Toxic Shock Syndrome and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). The Foundation works to bring life’s most pressing needs to families experiencing medical and life crises across the United States and beyond. Raised in Warrnambool, Australia, Marc is equally as passionate to give back to similar causes working to help others in his hometown. The Foundation partnered with the Leila Rose Foundation in 2016 to distribute $2,500 grants to help offset the costs associated with treating and beating rare childhood cancer. To date, the Begin Again Foundation has supported 4 families and has provided support to assist another four families this year, as the LRF continues to raise awareness about the challenges these families face, no matter the country, no matter the circumstance.

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